GADIM – visibility, accessibility, representation, inclusion

The Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment was created to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mass media.

GADIM’s mission is informed by Article 8 (Awareness-raising) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

A black and white bumper sticker from that says “nothing about us WITHOUT US” and has the international wheelchair symbol.

“Nothing About Us Without Us”

This phrase has become the central theme for the disability rights movement’s activism around media. It is communicating the idea that no decision should be made by any media organization without the full and direct participation of members of the disability community.

This idea is reflected in GADIM’s approach to the representation of people with disabilities in the news and entertainment media – people with disabilities must be involved in all aspects of mass media to convey their authentic stories.

GADIM is a global project to leverage all media, culture, and entertainment to promote the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. The project’s main mission is to improve the portrayal of disability in mass media.

GADIM invites all media organizations and industry participants – news, entertainment, advertising, etc. – to increase the representation and authentic portrayal of people with disabilities in all areas.

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Authentic portrayals of people with disabilities

GADIM partners with Shutterstock, WID on photographer grants, guidelines to help create more authentic disability imagery  

GADIM has partnered with the international stock photography company, Shutterstock, and the World Institute on Disability (WID) to create Disability – All In, which will provide production grants to artists with disabilities and their allies to contribute authentic disability imagery to its Disability Collection.

This initiative aims to build more authentic representations of disability in all Shutterstock content across a broad range of environments, relationships, and issues. As part of Shutterstock’s Create Fund Artist Investment Program, it will offer $50,000 in production grants in the areas of photos, videos, and illustrations to increase and diversify its portrayals of disabilities.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED: to September 22, 2022.  The submission guidelines are here; international artists are encouraged to submit but all submissions must be in English. Grantees will have six months to create the content after receiving the award. The project deliverables will be decided through collaboration with the Shutterstock team and the artist based on the portfolio submitted in the application.

GADIM, WID, and Shutterstock also collaborated to write and produce the Authentic Portrayals of People with Disabilities Guide, which instructs content creators on how to prevent negative stereotypes of people with disabilities by authentically showcasing the diversity of their identities and experiences.  In addition, the Guide explains writing inclusive and accessible descriptions of visual content.

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